CE*How do I request days off on Greatpeople me?

Sign into greatpeople.me, click on my schedule, click on my schedule portal (which will be on the top right of the screen right above the current’s month schedule, then top left will show all your options, “my schedule, my availability, my time off“. You would click on my availability.

  • The first step is to open your browser and open the official website of GreatPeople Me. 
  • You will be taken to the home page of logging in for GreatPeople Me.
  • Sign in to the page using your EUID and password. Your password must be known only to you.
  • Once you sign in to the page, choose the “my schedule” option.
  • After you do this, on the top right of your screen above your current month’s schedule, you will have an option which says “my schedule portal”
  • On choosing this option, you will notice that on the top left of your page gives you the options for “my schedule, my availability, my time off”.
  • Quite obviously, you must choose the option of “my availability: Here you can choose the dates of absence, the duration along with reasons for the same.
  • Instead of contacting your manager, requesting days off on the website would be a professional method.