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Working for a well off company who has brand new projects coming every now and then is an opportunity you get if you are really lucky. Companies like these make sure their employees get a good pay and learn a lot from their work. People working at such firms get to meet new people and make more and more contacts. To help the situation, Kroger Inc came up with a refreshing idea of a creating portal for their employees that would help people of the company communicate with each other better. They wanted a platform where they could share all the relevant information about the company and its work. And this is how came into existence.

It’s a platform where people working with Kroger can check out all the updates of their work and contact any member of the company without any struggle. Below mentioned are some details relate to benefits for the login portal and how to use the web portal that will help you know about

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Features of Employee Login Portal:

1. Brings employees together:

On this platform, employees of the company get in contact with each other and share information about the company that helps in their work. Everyone gets to know everyone and nobody stays a stranger in the office. This helps in developing a kind of community in the workspace and people get more comfortable with each other.

2. Passing of information:

With a platform like this, passing on of information gets easier and the work efficiency increases. Employees know better about the work that has to be done and what has already been done. The chances of confusion getting created decrease and everything goes on more smoothly. Such a platform can also be used to share work schedules or make an important announcement. The managers will not have to mail every employee, instead, just put the information on and they are good to go.

3. Profile details:

When a new employee joins the company, they can check with the website and get to know everything about their new job. They would be able to get the details of their work and clear any doubts in their mind. They will not have to worry about finding the right person to talk to about such matters.

4. Accessible to all employees:

One of the best things about is that all the employee of the company including the ones working for the store or managing the association becomes a part of the platform. Nobody is left outside so that any information being passed on reaches each and every member of the company.

How to login to

First and foremost, in order to login to, you have to become an official employee of the company and receive an ID and a password from the company itself. Once you have the prerequisites, you can follow the steps mentioned below to form an account on the here:

  • Just to be safe, check on the ID and password provided to you by the company. Make sure the details provided in the mail or the envelope is addressed to you. If everything seems fine, go on with the procedure, however, if something doesn’t seem right, you can always contact the manager of the company about the same.
  • Visit the official webpage of When you let the page load, you notice two empty boxes on the homepage. You are required to fill them with your given username and password.
  • Once done, hit Login and you will enter a new page with all the details about your job and your current profile in the company. You will be able to check out new vacancies, perks and receive updates on work schedule and important announcements. is a platform made to make office time more convenient for the employees and has definitely helped the Kroger and its employees in a number of ways. Make sure to refer to the information mentioned above to know everything about