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Kroger has moved from Greatpeople.me and integrated its My Schedule in its official website for added security and management ease.

Are you looking to check your Schedule at Kroger? If you’re it’s employee, you might require to access Eschedule. Kroger Inc is a remarkable retail store in the USA that is known for providing commendable services. If you want to check professional information, specifically your schedule, then you might need some help.

After all, Kroger is a very exclusive platform that has high-security measures. Here you will find a complete guide to feed.kroger.com and how you can find your schedule to read it. Furthermore, you will learn some benefits and uses of the My schedule feature:

What is Feed.Kroger.Com & How Does My Schedule Help?

Feed.kroger.com aims to provide ease of management and extra efficiency to the management team, employers, and employees. It makes the work process easier and maintains a healthy and friendly relationship with the employees. Thus, staff members can evaluate their overall performance through Kyoger’s My Schedule.

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It works as a single stop or a one-source for everything the employees require. With the ease of modern configuration, you get the ease of user experience and better design. The navigation is easy, and most of the commands and options are easy to understand, even for less-tech savvy people.

You get mobile access and easy navigation, and feed.kroger.com utilizes smart technology to bring you the ability to customize it for a more personalized experience.

Features With feed.kroger.com:

Here are some of the most important features and options that feed.kroger.com brings for its employees:

Pay Slips Information: You can keep track of your salary slips and the payment. It allows you to get detailed information and a complete analysis of the payment. How much you got paid, what qualifies you for the given amount, and other vital information. Thus, you can affirm to salary slip customs and monitor your paycheck.

Work Schedules: By accessing My Schedule, you can check your work schedule. Some schedules change every day. Thus, you can access the daily schedule to clarify the schedule without any confusion or problem.

Work Targets: You can keep track of your overall work so far and how far off you are from the target. This allows you to manage and maintain your work performance better to meet the target. As the process is automated, you don’t have to worry about anyone misguiding you either. You can check for office timings, as well.

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Staff Data: You can store or customize your information and staff data. It includes contact information, residential information, and other essential fields. You can change your residential address and other information if you have access. Through this, you can also access other staff member’s common data that would be available on their ID.

Performance Tracking: You can keep track of your leaves, how much of the target you have met, and other vital information. If you have done extra shifts, you will see its record as well. Thus, you have clarity about your performance.

Grouping Of Employees: My Schedule also categorizes you according to your designation and position. From different regions or Store branches to positions. Thus, it is easier for you to know about other employees and access the database as authorized personnel.

Leave Applications & Vacations: You can check how many yearly leaves you have remaining. Thus, you can plan your leaves or vacations according to this. My schedule allows you to submit a leave application online without requiring a manual submission of the app. Thus, it will go through an automated process of approval.

Requests And Changes: You can also make other requests such as extra shifts or ask for changes in your shift and office timing as per your convenience. The management can decide whether to comply with your request or not.

Latest News And Notifications: With My Schedule, you can also access the latest news and information regarding Krogers. Most of it would be according to the relevance. It enables you to keep in the loop regarding various events or any special Krogers movement, including sales and other requirements.

How To Check Your Kroger ESchedule?

Before you can get down to checking your Kroger ESchedule, you have to be an existing employee or member of Kroger’s chain. You need an authentication, or Employer Unique Identification Number (EUID for short) and password. If you don’t have a EUID, you can’t access My Schedule or Feed.kroger.com. Contact human resource management if you don’t have EUID.

feed.kroger.com E-Schedule

Generally, a EUID is a mix of five numbers with your first and last initials. You should store this information somewhere secure and not share it with anyone. You will also need an active internet connection that supports Kroger.com. Once you meet these requirements, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit feed.kroger.com
  2. Insert EUID and Password
  3. You will log in. 
  4. There is a ‘My schedule’ option separately
  5. Click on it, and voila, you have complete access to ESchedule

You can also download the Eschedule for convenience. Remember not to use any other platform as Kroger has moved its access to feed.kroger.com. Make sure that all the information you have provided is correct. Only active members can access My schedule and other information. 

Where Can You Check My Schedule?

You can access Kroger and My schedule on almost any device. There are no imposed restrictions. You can do it on your smartphones or other smart devices. All you need is a browser to log in. There is an official Kroger app that might help you as well. 


It is a handy tool, and it is great to know how to use it. You won’t have to worry about over performing or underperforming. It will allow you to schedule your shifts and days accordingly for ease of working. More importantly, if you have emergencies, you can request vacations or leave without going through your head or in charge. This transparency and ease are certainly commendable.