All That You Need To Know About Kroger Digital Coupons

Every company wishes to give back to its customers for keeping the company afloat. The appreciation is mostly in the form of discounts or raffles. But Kroger has gone one step further by providing their customers with coupons!

Requirements for Kroger Digital Coupons:

The requirements of kroger digital coupons is very simple. All that a customer requires to be a part of the digital coupon program is to have a valid digital account with Kroger and a Plus Card. However, if you are an Associate or Partner, you are prohibited from creating an account that is not linked to you or your household.

Procedure for redeeming

You can add your coupons from either the Kroger website or their mobile app. You can simply choose the items qualified for the coupon. If you shop in-store, all that you need to do is to scan your Shopper’s Card or present your Alt ID at the billing counter. The discount which is to be applied will appear automatically on your receipt and the discount will be applied.

Loading the Kroger Digital Coupon

On creating your account with the Kroger website or app, you must add the Shopper’s Card to your account. There is a “Load to Card” button on each coupon. To load these coupons to your shopper’s card, simply click the button.

Linking Shopper’s Card number to your digital account

Once you sign in to your account, open the “profile information” section. There is an “edit” option under the ‘shopper’s card number” which you must select. Once you add this number, you can easily load offers on your card directly.

Viewing your available coupons

Before you plunge into your shopping spree, it is important to check the coupons available with you. Simply sign in to your account and open the “save” option on your main navigation page. The “digital Coupons” page will follow right after. You can view every coupon that you wish to load on your card.