Publix Vs Kroger – A Distant Dream War For The Shopaholics

Shopping for anything involves a lot more than just a purchase. It requires analyzing, hunting and scrounging, and of course, comparison of different items present. The shopping culture and market has seen a boom. It does not just allow for increased competition but allows for easy comparison to choosing the best. One of the needs for everyone is the day to day general items and groceries. With Kroger and Publix both being a reputed and crowded market, it is difficult to choose among them. 

Publix vs. Kroger

This is not a difficult comparison to make when looked into different aspects.

  • Cost: Cost is one of the most governing factors for every shopaholic. When compared, Kroger offers a lot many products at lesser prices than that of Publix. They are also are known to hold more sales than the latter.
  • Variety: Kroger is known for producing its products and therefore have a better range and variety for its customers. They are said to be better in displaying several brands when compared to Publix.
  • Meat and Fish: The meat and fish section of the Publix is much better than that of Krogers. They are much fresher and in variety. With so many people preferring meat over a day, the Publix section gets stocked newly frequently. They are also known to display and serve better delicacy and bakery.
  • Service: The customer service of the Publix is much more reliable over that of Krogers. With the assistants available readily and effortlessly, Publix satisfies the customers more. Unlike Publix, one has to track down Kroger assistants before seeking their help. It accounts for a liability.

There are many features available to compare their products. The services, price, groceries, meat, and customer service are most important.

With so many points for and against a particular store, the experience may vary as per people and places. Publix vs. Kroger may not be difficult if one looks it for oneself. One must experience both the stores and then decide on what serves them the best. One above the other is just a perception.