What Is Kroger Money Services?

Kroger Money Services is a unique and popular service provided by Kroger Inc for money management for its customers while they are shopping at a Kroger’s store. The amiable associates at Kroger help the customers in managing money and making a lot of savings while shopping. They can cash checks, pay bills, send money, and do a lot more at Kroger Money Services. Here is a concise guide to the options provided by Kroger Money Services.

Types Of Kroger Money Services

Send and Receive Money

With this option, customers of Money Services at Kroger can make use of Western Union for sending money to their loved ones, friends, or family instantly, even if they are far away in the world from them. With Kroger’s partnership with Western Union, funds transfer can be executed across 200 countries. They can choose how and when their cash is delivered and also collect cash sent to them through options like Next Day Money in Minutes.

Cashing the checks

The different types of checks such as government, payrolls, tax refunds, insurance, or business settlements, can be brought and cashed at any Kroger services. All one needs is to sign up for a Shopper’s card with Kroger, the fees for which opens from $3 for checks valuing up to $2000 while it is $5.5 for those beyond $2000 and up to $5000. The different IDs accepted by them include US passport, State-issued IDs, Driver’s license, Military ID, Resident Alien’s ID, and Matricula Consular ID.

Paying Bills

With the aid of Money Services, people can pay their gas, cell phones, electricity, and cable bills without any hassle at their nearest Kroger store. The total number of billers provided by them is 15000 and if a person’s biller cannot be found, he may simply ask for help from a Kroger associate. People can also avail discounts by using Kroger’s Shopper’s Card.


Another very interesting feature provided by Kroger Money Services is that customers can make use of their (until now) unused Gift Cards, including the digital ones to cash with the help of Cardpool kiosks that are provided in almost all the Kroger stores. 

The list of options provided by Money Services does not end here and further includes cashing of debit cards, buying money orders, turning the cash into Gift Cards for others among its interesting and innovative services. With these, they keep making the lives of people easier and better.